How to Use Subdomains and When to Use Them

Looking for a way to refresh your website? Look no further as using subdomains is definitely the thing you need! Read this article and discover how to use subdomains and when to use them!

What is a Subdomain?

For those who are not familiar with the term subdomain – a subdomain is like an extension of your primary domain name which Google identifies as a totally different website.

Consider the subdomain as your second website but with its own content. The domain remains the same, only you need to change the www to something that is more appropriate and suitable for the specific subdomain. For instance, if the main domain is, the subdomain can be or, and etc.

How to start using subdomains?

In order to start using subdomains, you need to create one first. The process of creating a subdomain differentiate from one domain registrar to another, because of the control panel. However, the process of creation is usually the same. You need to enter your cPanel, choose your domain, and enter the subdomain you want. Once you are done, click save.

When to Use Subdomains

We are going to present you a few situations where you can apply the subdomain usage:

  • Ensure Mobile Friendliness – The sub-domain approach is probably the best method to provide mobile friendliness.
  • Responsiveness in Designs – By browsing for the specific site across the desktop browser, the window size will adjust the navigation and layout properly in order to fit the mobile or tablet screen.
  • Adaptive Designs – The adaptive design focus on establishing specific user experience by using different devices. The adaptive design needs to be designed on subdomains for better responsiveness.
  • Corporate Blog – The corporate blogs are built on subdomains. The companies that are already popular on the internet can use the subdomain approach for an even better online reputation.
  • PPC Landing Pages – The landing pages are commonly implemented in association with subdomains.

The subdomains have various beneficial uses. If the subdomain is used correctly and if it is created for an existed website that ranks pretty high, the subdomain will be indexed quickly by Google and benefit from the good ranking of the main domain. The subdomains can also be used to target a specific country, region, reading group or market segment.

Are you ready to start using subdomains?

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